Tour: Dashbot for Voice Skills

Optimize Response Effectiveness

With Dashbot’s Phrase Clustering, you can identify where the Voice Skill may be breaking down through mishandled or unhandled Intents.

The information can be used to train your NLP engine to improve response effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Identify mishandled and unhandled Intents

Reduce failure rate

NLP Intents & Entities

How effective are your NLP and Intents?

With voice skills, users can say whatever they want.

Our Intent funnels and reports help identify where the Intents may be breaking down or even new use-cases you may not have thought of. You can also see the utterances and messages that mapped to the Intents, as well as all the entities.

Intent Reports

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Intent Funnels

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Intent Mappings

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Intent Entities

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Device Capabilities

Dashbot provide device capability metrics for voice platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Created with Highcharts 8.2.2Device CapabilitiesUsers with Audio Only DevicesUsers with Audio Only DevicesUsers with Display Capable DevicesUsers with Display Capable DevicesUsers with Both Display andAudio Only DevicesUsers with Both Display andAudio Only DevicesHighcharts.comUsers with Both Display and Audio Only Devices312: 15.9%

Engagement & Retention

Understand the stickiness of your skill. Compare new user retention vs existing. View daily, weekly, or monthly retention rates.

How often and for how long are your users interacting? View sessions per user, time per session, as well as utterances per session.

DateNew Users1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day
June 4th 20172010.0035.0030.0025.0025.0010.00
June 5th 20172437.5050.0020.8329.1716.674.17
June 6th 20172920.690.0013.7917.240.003.45
June 7th 20174632.6119.5713.044.352.174.35
June 8th 20175724.5619.301.751.751.757.02
June 9th 20176726.872.990.0019.4028.3617.91
June 10th 20175313.211.8918.8711.329.4318.87

Understand User Behavior

Dashbot has a variety of reports to better understand user behavior and track conversions versus abandonment.

Conversion Goal Tracking

With Dashbot’s Conversion Goal Tracking, you can track any type of goal, including purchases.

Quickly see how many users purchase versus abandon, the percentages overtime, as well as the common paths that lead to purchases, and the transcripts in which they occur.

Dive deeper into the flows to get a better understanding of user behavior, where the chatbot may be breaking down, and improve the overall user experience.

Goal Funnels

With Dashbot Goal Funnels, you can track how many users make it through the various steps,or stages, of the funnel.

This is a quick way to track purchase conversions.

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Conversation Paths

With Dashbot’s Conversation Paths, you can quickly navigate the common flows through your chatbot or voice skill to see drop off and abandonment as well as the paths that lead to conversion.

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