Tour: Dashbot for Agencies and Chatbot Platforms

Multi Client / Multi User Access

With Dashbot organizations, you can create groupings of chatbots and skills and decide who has access to each.

For example if you are working with multiple clients, create an organization for each one.

Users can be assigned different roles depending on what functionality you want the user to have.

Cross Client and Channel Comparisons

See how your chatbots, Alexa skills, and Google actions compare against each other based on key metrics like users, messages, engagement, and more.

Compare client organizations amongst each other.


Customize the interface with your own branded logo and vanity URL to further extend your brand to client access.

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Increase Conversions and Monetization

Dashbot has a variety of reports to better understand user behavior and track conversions versus abandonment.

Conversion Goal Tracking

With Dashbot’s Conversion Goal Tracking, you can track any type of goal, including purchases.

Quickly see how many users purchase versus abandon, the percentages overtime, as well as the common paths that lead to purchases, and the transcripts in which they occur.

Dive deeper into the flows to get a better understanding of user behavior, where the chatbot may be breaking down, and improve the overall user experience.

Goal Funnels

With Dashbot Goal Funnels, you can track how many users make it through the various steps,or stages, of the funnel.

This is a quick way to track purchase conversions.

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Conversation Paths

With Dashbot’s Conversation Paths, you can quickly navigate the common flows through your chatbot or voice skill to see drop off and abandonment as well as the paths that lead to conversion.

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Optimize Response Effectiveness

With Dashbot’s Phrase Clustering, you can identify where the chatbot may be breaking down through mishandled or unhandled Intents.

The information can be used to train your NLP engine to improve response effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Identify mishandled and unhandled Intents

Reduce failure rate

Build a chatbot from live transcripts

Are you looking to build a chatbot? Do you have historical live agent transcripts?

Dashbot’s Phrase Clustering can process live agent transcripts to identify common user messages and Intents as well as agent responses to kick start chatbot development. The data can be used to train your NLP engine.

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