Under the Behavior tab in the left-hand navigation panel, there is a new report called Escalation. This report enables you to analyze and reduce escalation conflicts within your chatbot experience. You’ll first need to select which conversational Intent you want to investigate. In this example, we took a closer look at the Intent named ‘SPEAK_TO_AGENT’ so we can understand how many users escalated the conversation and what caused them to escalate.

The Summary tab shows you two metrics:

  • Users Contained: Number of users who completed the selected Intent.
  • Users Escalated: Number of users who did not complete the selected Intent.

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The Intents tab shows you all incoming and outgoing intents to configure your Escalation Report. In this example, the ‘HELLO’ Intent is excluded from the report, which means for all completions of SPEAK_TO_AGENT Intent, we don’t want to count users who triggered the HELLO Intent. We want to drill down to the users who actually had an issue and escalated to a human agent, not just anyone who greeted the bot.

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We also want to define how many intents we’d like to limit the report to. Ten intents is a good benchmark to start with for this particular intent because on average, users have about 10 interactions with the chatbot before escalating to a human agent. The higher you turn the knob, the wider the net you cast.

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The Escalation Report is part of the Enterprise package so contact us to learn how many users have escalated and which conversational pathways cause them to escalate. Tell us about what you’re doing so we can help you here!


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