Drill into Dashbot’s Behavior Flow to identify what causes users to leave.

We’re excited to launch Behavior Flow! Many customers asked for a report that showed the last message users received or sent before leaving the conversation. Customers were interested in seeing the messages that provoked users to abandon conversations so that they could revise their bot to increase engagement and reduce churn.

Behavior Flow

Using the Behavior Flow chart, you can analyze the engagement of each message and visually identify common paths that lead to success or abandonment. For the example below, Message C attributes to 62.45% of the sessions that were abandoned. In total, after the first outgoing message, 23.60% of the sessions resulted in conversation abandonment.

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Identify Exit Messages

Within Message Funnels, you can now pinpoint which specific messages led to the highest number of conversations ended. For the example below, 903 users left the conversation after they received the current message, “What did you think of that round?”

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