Build a chat or voice bot and win prizes!

Dashbot invites you to participate in the first-ever hackathon that will focus on conversational interfaces including messaging bots and voice-interactive technology. You will learn best practices from top names in the industry and build engaging bots with the brightest in the community.

Whether you’re interested in building a messaging bot on Teams or Facebook or a Skill on Alexa, form a team to build a bot and win cool prizes! Come as a team or find yours at the hackathon.

Sign up here to reserve your spot.


  1. Your bot must be on a messaging or voice interface.
  2. Each team is limited a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 5 people.
  3. You must integrate Dashbot analytics.
  4. All code must be written during the hackathon.
  5. Your bot must accomplish a task or provide a solution. In your pitch on Demo Day, you must identify the problem you’re solving and how your bot solves that problem.


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