Get notifications for and take action on specific incoming or outgoing messages.

Using Alerts, you can identify key actions in conversations you’d like to be notified of so that you could respond to them in a timely manner.

Whether a user sends a message that says “Unsubscribe” or your bot sends a message that says “I do not understand,” you will be alerted of the occurrence via email or webhook and can jump into the conversation directly.

Follow the steps below to set up Alerts:

1. When you log in to your Dashbot account, you’ll find Alerts on the left navigation bar below Actions.

2\. Choose which messages you’d like notifications for: incoming, outgoing, or both.
3\. Select the message type: text, regular expression, postback, or sentiment value.
4\. Lastly and most importantly, choose where you’d like to receive your alert — via email or webhook. While the details of the implementation may slightly vary, your webhook should track your alerts.
*Quick Tip:* For a webhook, whenever the trigger is fired, it will send a **POST** to your webhook with a payload that would look something like this:
"trigger_name": "Unsubscribe",
"user_id": "733797576500088832",
"channel": "733797576500088832",
"text": "unsubscribe",
"timestamp": "09/08/2017 22:31 +00:00",
"bot_id": "2484",
"transcript_url": ""

Check out the tutorial video:

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