We had a great group of speakers and attendees at our SuperBot Conference this year.

Below are Q&A videos with some of the attendees at the event.

Angik Sarkar, TheWaylo

Animata Guha, IBM Watson

Ben Brown, Howdy

Carolyn Chong, Obie.ai

Dennis Yang, Dashbot

Dmitrii Dumik, Chatfuel

Greg Leuch, Poncho

Harshal Dhir, Machaao

Lauren Kunze, Pandorabots

Liana Dumitru, Memo.ai

Lucas Ives, Pullstring

Peter Buchroithner, Swell

Vera Tzoneva, Google

Until next time…

Stay tuned for our next SuperBot conference in 2018.

In the meantime, come to any of our monthly meetups in either SF or NYC.

About Dashbot

Dashbot is a bot analytics platform that enables developers and brands to increase engagement, acquisition, and monetization through actionable data and tools.

In addition to traditional analytics like engagement and retention, we provide chatbot specific metrics including sentiment analysis, conversational analytics, and the full chat session transcripts.

We also have tools to take action on the data, like our live person take over of chat sessions and push notifications for re-engagement.

We natively support Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Google Home, Slack, Twitter, and Kik and have a generic API for any conversational interface.