We hosted another bot demo night this week at Wilson Sonsini in San Francisco.

It was a great line up of interesting bots — covering travel, entertainment, sports, games, social, reporting, and productivity tools.

Dashbot Launches Support for Kik

We kicked off the evening with a demo of our analytics platform support for Kik bots.

We support all the rich messages of Kik bots including memes, videos, keyboards, sketches, and even stickers!

Our Kik support features all the same functionality of our support for Slack and Facebook Messenger bots, including Live Person Take Over of chat sessions, real time analytics, and live transcripts — you can see more here: www.dashbot.io/tour.

You can sign up for free at www.dashbot.io.


The line up for the evening included:


Ravi from [Acebot](http://www.acebot.ai/) demoed their Slack bot for expenses. Dealing with expenses can be a pain in the butt — this is a great bot for making the process easier.


Alex demoed the [Hipmunk](http://www.hipmunk.com/) bot — a great example in the travel space. In addition to helping users find flights and hotels, the bot is developing a personality — you can even ask it to tell a joke (spoiler: it’s a little nutty…).


Richard demoed [Jimmie](http://www.jimmie.com/) — a Facebook bot that connects users together to chat about common interests and topics. Since the users are connected through his bot, rather directly, the bot can provide an additional layer of security for users.


With more than a two billion fans, cricket is a very popular sport! Harshal and team demoed the [Machaao](http://www.machaao.com/) Facebook bot — a great way to follow cricket and keep up on scores and events during games. They plan to expand to additional sports as well.


Liana demoed [Pogo](http://www.pogo.ai/) — a Slack bot that helps keep track of links and messages. You can save and quickly find links and messages — saving all the time of scrolling through previous messages.

Smart Notes

Ever email notes to yourself? Stefan created a better way to save notes and set reminders through his bot, [Smart Notes](https://www.facebook.com/SmartNotesBot/). Not only can you save notes, you can share them with others via Facebook Messenger.


Artem and team demoed [Statsbot](http://www.statsbot.co/) — a great Slack bot for quickly querying and pulling in data from different analytics platforms into Slack. Ask for a summary of metrics for the past month, and it will appear right there in Slack — no need to switch programs or go to another site.

Streak Trivia

Max and James rounded out the demos on a fun, interactive high note — leading the audience in a round of trivia with their Facebook bot, [Streak Trivia](http://www.streaktrivia.com/). It’s a multiplayer trivia game. The game was a lot of fun and went on for quite a while — a lot of trivia buffs were present. [Rhett Creighton](https://twitter.com/HeyRhett) ended up winning the round.

Stay Tuned for Next Month’s Event

It was great seeing a lot of familiar faces as well as so many new ones. Once again it was a full house with many people staying well after the demos to continue networking with other bot enthusiasts. It’s an exciting space and definitely exciting times!

If you’re interested in demoing at one of upcoming events, let us know.