Microsoft Bot Framework

** This is the documentation for Microsoft Bot Framework v3. We recommend you use v4 if possible.

Install Dashbot via NPM

npm install --save dashbot

Include Dashbot

Since MS Bot Framework allows you to deploy the same bot to multiple platforms, you should configure it using all of the API Keys that you created above.

If you are using this integration, do NOT choose “microsoft” for your platform when you create your bot on Dashbot.

For Facebook bots, we need your Facebook Page Token to be set too.

const dashbotApiMap = {<br></br>  universal: process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_UNIVERSAL,<br></br>  facebook: process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_FACEBOOK,<br></br>  slack: process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_SLACK,<br></br>  kik: process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_KIK,<br></br>  webchat: process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_UNIVERSAL,<br></br>  skype: process.env.DASHBOT_API_KEY_UNIVERSAL<br></br>}
const dashbot = require('dashbot')(dashbotApiMap).microsoftDeprecated;

Include the following line only if supporting a Facebook bot


Use Dashbot Middleware for MS Bot Framework

<pre style="font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-style: normal;"><b style="color: #cccccc; font-family: monospace, monospace; font-size: 16px;">bot.use(dashbot);</b>